Question Underperforming GPU

Jun 20, 2022
Hi everyone
2 months ago I bought a tuf rtx3080ti but its not performing like the ones on the youtube, my system is
asus rog strix b550-e mobo
r7 5800x (360mm aio cooler)
gskill 4x8 cl18 3600mhz ram (docp turned on)
tuf rtx 3080ti
corsair rm850w psu
game temps are gpu 68-72c, cpu is 53-62c
I have no idea what is the problem.
on 1440p doom eternal this youtuber gets 180-220fps on a specific spot I get around 140-180 in the same spot, his system was 3080ti with a 10900k
I'll be sooo hapy if you guys help me


That's not an issue. That's a difference in nvidia global settings, background processes, game settings, windows settings, cards, cpu, anti virus something.

YouTube only shows what's possible, not what's probable.

Fps comes from the cpu, not the gpu.
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Mar 11, 2022
According to this test, the 10900k should perform quite a bit better in this game and this resolution than your 5800X:
It stands to reason that this is the reason why you get lower FPS. Not that it is relevant in the FPS area we are talking about here...
Your system looks good. The 3080 Ti may be a little lower than expected but is within the norm. Go through a Time Spy run and post the link to your results.
The 'youtuber' you mentioned may have some graphics settings turned down to give them the extra FPS.

Posted benchmarks/gaming FPS videos are usually the top .1%. They are not the norm - they are the outlier.
No one's going to post 'meh' benchmarks/gaming FPS videos. Benchers/reviewers tweak, bench, tweak, bench, tweak, bench, etc., until they get a score that they deem 'worthy' and only then does it gets posted. These are usually people who work with technology for a living and know the ins and outs of settings and components. Many of them also know how to 'cheat' the system by running the benchmarks with unrealistic settings. They change everything from CPU priority, to benchmark config changes, to doing borderless/alt tab crap. In short, don't worry about hitting published benchmark numbers.
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Don't bother wasting time thinking your gpu is underperforming because some half-baked youtube video got a few more useless fps in a specific few scenes in a specific game. If you consistently get a large fps amount lower, in any game played vs any youtube vid, that's one thing, yours is another and more to do with what the cpu is doing or the settings you have applied vs his.
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