Question undervolt rtx 3060


Feb 3, 2016
so i have been researching doing undervolt to my asus dual oc rtx 3060

where i live is summer, so playing a game like cyberpunk gets pretty hot like 83c max

so i decided to do a uv to my gpu

everything works fine so far i managed to lower the temps on load 66 to 70max

but is there any way to not always apply on afterburner the profile? i mean i had to a custom curve on afterburner save it and apply everytime.

my doubt if there any way for the gpu to keep always the lower V and no use the profile?

if i use the profile the uv and oc always keeps on
Bios mods on NVIDIA cards stopped many years ago.
The only way to do what you want is to use software to make the changes.
So yes you will have to run Afterburner to keep the undervolt at each start up.

Solution is to create different saves or profiles.
Save profile one as your stock settings..
Save #2 as overclocked profile.
Save #3 as undervolt profile.

As many as allowed. one for each game etc...
Any saved profile can easily be applied at any time in windows without a restart. So you can apply one and watch a movie.
When finished with the movie, you change profile and jump into a game with undervolt/overclock/custom fan curve/whatever profile you like.
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Actually, an undervolt is often better than OC'ing a GPU.

By undervolting you reduce the voltage, and therefore the heat. With reduced heat/voltage your GPU can boost to higher clockspeeds, and for longer periods.

Undervolting and OC'ing at the same time, sometimes cancel each other out. The boost algorithm for modern GPU's mean they push best speeds providing you have the right cooling and airflow.

As @Zerk2012 suggested, adding airflow might be more beneficial, than an OC.