Question Undervolt

Dec 22, 2019
Hey guys. So I bought an RX 590 last month, the XFX Fatboy. Performance is fantastic and it was a great step up for me from an RX 570 4gb.

The temps on this guy have been insane though, like 80 degrees just in some casual Apex and I wasn't happy with that at all. I put a 120mm Airflow fan underneath it which helped a bit (got me to low 70s) but I still wasn't happy. So I've been researching undervolting and under clocking. I've currently got it down to 1520mhz (from 1580mhz, stock is 1545 I think but mine came preOC) and the voltage was all the way up at 1,150mv. So with this lower clock I've gotten the voltage down 1,040mv.
This UV is running Apex super stable with no fps drop (vsync @63fps) and my temps are AMAZING. Like I rarely even hit 60 and defs not 65. And I'm not seeing much more than 120watts in Apex either where it used to reach 180/190w.
Thing is... I'm worried, is this good for the card? Do I need to mess with memory clocks and voltage because I've not touched them at all, 2000mhz @ 950mv.

Any advice at all would be fantastic as I feel like this is too good to be true right now.