Question Undervolting i7-9750h on scar 3 has no effect at all

Sep 4, 2020
i hv jst bought a scar 3 with 1660ti model and what i instantly observed was ridiculously high temps at about naturally i decided to undervolt using throttlestop but to my utter surprise changing the voltage offset in core had no effect at all in the listing table on the right upper side & it remained 0.0000v under the offset column due to which there was no change in the first i was confused as to why temps are not going down then i saw the table & it showed no offset there..I am really confused why this was not working since i used this software on my old alienware too & it worked and even on my friends laptop...even the clock speed changing buttons are not working...& i mean complete INACCESIBLE..either the application is at fault here or my laptop is jst locked in every possible way...(which i know isnt true because i have seen other scar 3 owners undervolt successfully using throttlestop) this even possible..not having any effect at all..i mean 0%...pls assist me here...I am really confused why this is happening..i really need to undervolt it..or else i wont be able to play anything on this machine due to overheating.