News Underwhelming Leak: Intel's 14th Gen Core Non-K CPU Configurations

It would be extremely weird to have only one single CPU have a pretty large increase, what would be the reason to give the 14700 4 more e-cores?
Does it compare unfavorably against an AMD counterpart? Even then it would make zero sense.
None of them getting extra cores would make much more sense.
Did it ever happen in history that only one SKU got changed?


Sep 24, 2009
as expected, mirrors the changes seen on the K line making the i7 more differentiated from the i5.

I have a 13900... it's an awesome chip, I am interested if DLVR is active and will provide a reason for me to upgrade (Efficiency gains). I love the 13900, but if the 14900 offers more performance for same power I could sell it and upgrade for sure. Running a 6L itx system, 13900 is saturating my heatsink :D I will eventually play with undervolting but I get full performance as is.