Undetected HDD Through SATA To USB (3.0)


Apr 22, 2017
Hello people of the Internet - more specifically those who use this website :lol:

Today, I decided to take apart my external enclosed hard drive. I bought this hard drive from the source a few months ago. It's 2TB. As I said, I took it out of its enclosure, and put the hard drive into my computer as an internal one.

All seems good there, but what I'm wondering is the SATA to USB controller I got through my journey.

I have only one spare hard drive to test the controller with and no extra SATA cables. (To Note; this hard drive will work fine through SATA as I had it in my computer and replaced it with the external hard drive.)

When I plug this spare hard drive in, the light on the controller blinks repeatedly without stopping. When it's working (for example, with the hard drive it came with) the light will stay on and the computer will recognize it.

My two guesses are either; this hard drive has 6 spokes on it and I'm thinking I need to make the drive a master or slave as the controller itself cannot decipher it by itself - if I made it one of those 2 things I'm guessing it would work (I can't do this, as I don't have that miniscule tool/splitter that does so). My other theory is, which is not so plausible since the concept seems very stupid, is that the controller is only designed to recognize and "control" the drive it came with.


May 29, 2012
As for SATA there is no "master or slave".
Only in BIOS Setup can you setup which one to be the first in the Boot order.

Only one drive can have boot sector intallaed.
Now, if You unplug everything, and only plug in this drive in one of the first SATA-slots (nearest to the CPU) can you directly enter Bios setup and "see this"?
To start with I mean.

Next step, turn off the computer and plug in Your Boot-disc, start it up and directtly enter Bios Setup > Advanced > Boot menu and change accordingly so that the right disc is set as the first boot disc. Save & Exit

How does it seems?
Best regards from Sweden