Uneven download speeds

Valentin Yuksel

Aug 8, 2015
Hello guys, i have a small problem with my download speed, sometimes games download with 800 kb/s but now im downloading guild wars 2 and it is downloading with 17 mb/s. Strage is that my laptop is connected to the internet, i usually close the connection on it to download my games with 800 kb/s max. I have 100 mpbs internet, or thats what i signed for.
Well first and foremost you can only receive data as fast as it is being sent to you. If the server is slow you are going to recieve it slow.

You should not need to close your laptop to download something, certainly not if you have a good 100mbps connection.
What router do you have?
As mentioned above, internet speeds are hugely dependent on your networked path to the computer you are getting the file from. You may be connected through a dozen other servers or switches, the server may be experiencing a large number of connections at the same time, or anyone of the servers or switches in between could be busy resulting a slow connection for you. If this is random issues, that's likely what it is. Some isp's have been accused of throttling download speed from specific sites, especially torrent sites.