Unexpected gpu benchmark score


Jun 15, 2009

i dont know if the image will work because its on my computer, not a website, but we will see. if someone wants i can email it to them (pic of benchmark and gpuz)

anyhow after doing a gpu benchmark on sisoftware sandra i got some pretty dam good scores (or at least i think) for an xfx 4850 1gig:
Float shaders performance: 2504 MPixels/s
double shaders performance: 1317 MP/s

a "reference" 4870X2 got 847 MP/s and 419 MP/s respectably

it doesnt take a genius to know that a 4870X2 should beat a 4850, or am i not getting something? is this a glitch in sandra? or is my 4850 f****** awesome? card is at stock speed, or at least was at the time of the benchmark