Question Unexpected Performance (RTX 3070 + I5 10600k)

Dec 22, 2020
Hello, just like the title says I built a rig recently (I'm a newbie, my first one), I'll attach what the rig contains below. I've watched a showcase video to see how many fps I should expect from a game: Rainbow Six Siege, and I'm not getting above 160 fps in game with max settings( no it's not capped at 160fps and I should be expecting over 200 fps in game ). My friend has an rtx 2060 super with an amd rx 5 3600x and he's getting more fps than me same settings same game same version (about 180)??? I'm not sure why this happens and I've played other games, the performance is good overall... I have everything up to date, I updated everything from bios to graphic card. Thanks for reading!
I'll attach more details below, keep in mind I have the power settings set to maximum so it shouldn't be anything related to power and also my gpu usage is not bigger than 4% when playing Rainbow, I did a benchmark test and it went to 100%, so it's not an issue regarding the graphics card...Then why is it not going above 4% in game? (Processor goes about 70-80% in game).
Thanks a lot in advance!

BENCHMARK: Gigabyte GA-Z490 GAMING X Performance Results - UserBenchmark