Question unexpected shut downs on pc


Aug 28, 2013
Sry for my bad English..
About 2 month ago I ordered some components online to assemble them at home,my pc was ok and worked without any issue for almost a month ,one night I put my system on hibernate and went to sleep,at morning I pushed some keys on my keyboard to bring back up the windows but I realized the pc was shut down,so i pushed the power buttom to turn it on but nth happened, the only changes I could see was the rgb lights on the top of my rams (rgb lights turned on 3 sec after I pushed the power),after that I unplugged all the external & internal cables and plugged them back ,again nth happened then I turned off the psu power switch and left it off for 5 minute,I switch it back on and pushed the power again nth happened, I tried this out with 10 or more minute off switch and it worked,pc started up ok like normal days with no problem ,the only issue was if I turned the pc off or put it in hibernate or sleep it would shut down the pc and I had to switch off the power and turned it back on after 10 or 15 minute,I spent a week like this searching on web for a solution and rendering some archviz stuff and playing games and suddenly my system shuts down middle of a game with no warning or blue screen and after that day my pc shut down it self randomly,like 1 hour after I turn it on and every 15 minute or less after the fisrt shut down,it even shut down when im doing nothing.
Things ive checked:
  • brought my main board and psu out of the case and tested them out side
  • checked all the cables and my standoffs
  • used the rams one by one and changed their palces (tried new rams too)
  • checked all the temps in gaming,rendering,and idel (all normal )
  • used a new termal past and even a new cpu cooler
  • tried a new psu
  • unplugged all my usb devices
  • used stress test softwares to check cpu and gpu
  • wiped my hard drive and tried new windows(no virus)
The only critical eror im seeing in windows event viewer is : event 41,kernel power
And I cant afford extra cpu,gpu or mainboard for troubleshooting right now
My spec:
Cpu: amd ryzen 2700x
Mb: gigabyte aorus x470
Vga: gigabyte aorus 1660 ti
Ram: teamgroup t-force 16 gig dual chanel
Psu: cooler master 750w
Ssd: gigabyte m.2 256 gb
Hdd: western digital 2 tb
Cpu cooler: cooler master masterliquid ml240 R

Any idia that what is cuasing it?by the way could it be fualty power switch on case?
I appreciate any help.


Aug 28, 2013
What model s your power supply and how old is it?
Cooler master has a few good power supplies ans a bunch of crappy ones.
its masterwatt series ,i tried another one from my friend,still the same problem
my own psu is 2 month old,second one that i tried with is probably 2 years old