Question Unexplained bad ping in Fortnite ??

Apr 29, 2019
Currently for me, any competitive tournaments / party modes are unplayable for me, because of the ping I'm experiencing, and it doesn't make sense to me. According to, I should be averaging 25-35 ping connecting to fortnite servers, which is what I'm used to and is good to play on. I can load in a normal solo match, and I will average 20-30 ping with no lag issues at all, and in creative (by myself or even with others) I average 15-25 ping. No problems in either of those modes.

For some reason, when I queue up into duos/trios/squads with friends, my ping averages 55-70. If you've ever played any competitive, fast response games, is not optimal and is close to unplayable to me. My connection to the servers or my location should NOT be the issue, because my friend who lives 5-10 minutes from me does not have any issues and averages 0-25 ping in ANY game mode. I have no idea what could be the problem, but here's some information and certain things I've already tried:

Info :
  • 120 mbps down / 9 mbps up / 12 ping
  • I use a 100 ft LAN cable
  • Haven't had problems until the last couple weeks
Things I've tried:
  • Restarting / resetting router
  • TCP optimizer (this dropped my average ping by around 5 in creative and solo matches, but didn't help with tournaments / party modes)
  • Port forwarded my router for the fortnite servers
  • Updating router firmware / network drivers
You are just imagining things when the extra delays is that small. The servers are designed to balance machines with different delays by introducing artificial delays. Most times you do not see issues unless the difference is very large say 150ms.

This attempt at balance is also what make the stupid tactic of bunnyhop work. It causes the machine to desync so that what you see on the screen for location is not what is in the server memory.

Ping is generally a measure of distance but the path your traffic takes does not always follow the most optimum path and there is little you can do about it.

First run a constant ping to your router IP to make sure the problem is not in your house.

Next you can run tracert to the different ip and see what is different in the path. You can also run it from you friends house. Still it likely makes little difference. There are no setting you can make that will change this path. If you were getting packet loss or maybe extra delay in the early hops your ISP may help but the device causing the extra delay may not be in your ISP control.

I bet the extra delay is in the ISP that fornite is using.
Apr 29, 2019
I don't understand why my machine would randomly have worse ping and coincidentally in certain modes? I have an Ethernet, decent internet, why is this a problem and if it was happening to others why hasn't it been reported multiple times? Also, anything above 45 ping in fortnite has a delay and after 60 ping it becomes VERY noticeable, 150 ms is unplayable.

I can queue up into 100 solo matches and get a constant ping of 15-30, but as soon as I add someone into my party and try to play duos/trios/squads, my ping is a constant 60-70 which is unplayable considering most people in competitive play have 0-30 ping constant. Is it something to do with my NAT type or router settings causing my ping to double when others are in my party? This used to not be an issue, and I've never had ping higher than 50 constant while gaming.
You are just talking generic garbage words that have no meaning outside of fortnite. This is especially true if you are getting you so called ping numbers from the game rather than measuring them yourself.

Maybe it is just the game itself and not a actual network problem. It is just your assumptions based on nothing that you say it is a network issue.

There is no free lunch here you have to do the work nobody else can. You need to figure out what is different between the mode you run in. You need to see what IP addresses are being used and actually test the latency to these using commands like ping and tracert.

Maybe you get lucky and find something you can actually have some impact on.
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