Question Ungodly stuttering & FPS drops on my first build ?


Jul 30, 2020
Hello everyone I'm back after a year with even more problems I decided to wait it out and build a computer myself thinking it might have been potentially a fault with the prebuilt companies I just got done building it a day ago and ever since I've been facing stuttering/fps drops on all my games. I definitely reach high framerates but something is causing my rig to underclock specs below

6700xt Refernece
MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk Max
Corsair Rm750
Samsung 980 1TB NVME
G Skill Trident Z 2x16gb 3600mhz (XMP enabled)

temps:60-70c hotspot:85-87c
cpu temp: 40-60c (never exceeds 70c)

Methods I've tried so far:
  • DDU and install driver only of newest version, full install of 22.5.1 and driver only.
  • Cap fps below minimum avg
  • Turn Vsync/Freesync off
  • Turn off all Adrenalin graphic settings
  • Disabled Global C states, Typical Current Idle. Manually turn on PBO
  • Tested XMP on and off
  • Unplugged all devices I didn't need (leaving only kb&m)
  • Reseated both RAM sticks
  • Two PCIE cables not daisy chained
  • Updated BIOS to latest version

At this point I truly don't know what can be causing this whether it's software or hardware, I shouldn't be bottlenecked right? Or at least not a noticeable one? Thank you for any help.
I can grab HWInfo logs while the stutters occur if that helps :)