Question Unidentified network (ethernet) on newly built pc

Feb 26, 2023

I recently built my new pc, installed windows through usb but during setup I noticed I didn't have a network connection.

Later when windows was installed without internet connection I tried figuring out why my ethernet wouldn't work.

it seems to detect some kind of netwerk, but can't identify it (Unidentified network).

When I troubleshoot the problem found is "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration.

I already tried many things (although my network knowledge is lackluster):

tried connecting to a different internet router we have in the house.
Did plenty of other things that I won't mention in case I executed them wrongly.

Maybe my motherboard info is valuable:

MSI B660M-A Pro DDR4


Most likely, you still need to install the required drivers for your motherboard which you will probably need to download from another system and then install on the system you are having problems with.

I would recommend that download and install ALL of these before moving forward. It might not hurt to also power cycle your cable modem or DSL router afterwards too, as well as reboot the PC once you have power cycled the device.

What Windows version are you running? 10 or 11?
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Feb 26, 2023
Give me a sec to do that, but I just realized I think I might have installed the wrong drivers.
If I recall correctly I might have first tried win11 LAN drivers and when I realized it was win11 I redid it only to then select Win10 System and chipset drivers and not LAN 🤦‍♂️. Will getting these Win10 LAN drivers likely fix the issue?
If so I cancel my current USB transfer (was going to reinstall windows).
Notice that under "Other devices" you have several which are remarked?

These are likely tied to the chipset drivers for the motherboard and need to be resolved before the PCIe bus which is a part of the onboard NIC circuit, can work properly, in most cases.

Download and install ALL of the drivers for chipset, network adapters (Ethernet and WiFi if equipped), audio controller and onboard video. Also,...........nevermind. Download and install ALL of these. Afterwards, reboot the system, then go back into device manager and make sure there are no longer any remarked devices. It is sometimes important to note that for these zipped files you want to FIRST unpack them to their own folder, THEN install them, because sometimes the installer routines have troubles trying to unpack the required files from the zip folder during installation. So if you see that, you might have to DO that.


VGA driver:

LAN driver:

Realtek audio driver:

Intel management engine driver:

Intel I/O driver:

Download and install them ALL. Even if you already did, then restart the system just to be sure.