Question Unidentified network on startup/wake up


Jun 27, 2014
I've recently changed my internet provider and some problems started happening. Firstly all my Wi-fi devices couldn't obtain an IP address from my router(fixed with setting static IP on all my devices) and also every time I boot up or wake up my PC, i'm met with the "Unidentified network" error. The only way of getting rid of this error (as far as i know currently) is to reboot the router. I've tried to give my PCs a static IP but sadly that didn't do anything. I've updated all the drivers for my network cards but that sadly didn't do much either. I've tried factory resetting my router but that didn't fix it either. I doubt it's an issue with my PC as there are 3 other PCs on the same network and they're all experiencing the same issues (1 PC is wired and 2 on Wifi). I'm not sure what could be the problem here. My router is cascaded with another (mine is slave) so could it be that they're set up incorrectly? (I feel like that shouldn't be the case tho as I feel like that would mean all devices would be affected at the same time, but i may be wrong). If any more info is required please let me know.

  • My PC is on a wired connection
  • Router is D-Link DIR-809


What is the make and model of the other router? Who has full admin rights to that router?

Only one router (the "master") should be providing IP addresses and be using DHCP to do for most connected devices. Excluding printers, NAS, AP's etc..)

Your router should have DHCP disabled and thus becomes a simple switch so you can have multiple network devices in your room.

Three things to do:

Run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt and post the results.

Run "tracert" via the Command Prompt and post the results.

Run "arp -a"via the Command Prompt and post the results.

The information will provide a broad view of your computer and network environment.

Which will, in turn, help identify specific network configuration changes that may be necessary.