Question UniFi & Ruckus tried network plans (hotspot)


Oct 24, 2018
Hey guys!
I have a massive WiFi system at my place and I am trying to setup a tried setup for clients who want super fast internet and free internet.

I am using both UniFi Mesh AP (not using mesh) and 4 Ruckus C310's.
I am trying to setup something that will work with both systems and handoff the clients to the other ap's without logging back in if possible.

Any ideas?
Your problem is wifi was never designed for roaming. The end client not the network is in control unlike a cell network where the network tells the cell where to connect.

The need for seamless roaming is mostly just a wish and not something that is needed. The only application that really needs it is VoIP because people move from AP to AP. It is very rare to do that since most people just use the cell service because they have unlimited minutes. Other application are kinda scary to think about. Do you really want someone walking down the stairs while they watch netflix.

In general you can just stop and start the wifi client and it will reconnect to the better AP. It will do it so quickly in many cases the applications will not even detect it. The IP address does not change so most things are not affected.

Most the so called mesh systems just force a disconnect and hope the client connects to a better AP. It really isn't much different than the human push a button to connect and disconnect but the human normally knows when there is a better wifi source more than some software.

I suspect since you asking you have already tries this and it does not work ? If you are using enterprise mode on AP this takes much longer to reconnect because of the radius server in the path. Some very expensive systems form cisco or HP have methods to reduce this roam time.

Years ago cisco used to sell a system that did truely seamless wifi roaming but you had to load special drivers into the clients to allow the central controller to control the clients. It was a massive pain to support and only ran on a small handful of cell phone models.