May 1, 2009
My xp install got corrupted some time back, so I went out and upgraded to vista (lost my xp cd) and installed it on a separate partition. I guess you could call that a dual boot, it does give me the option to try and access the xp os upon boot up (though it won't boot b/c it's missing a startup file). My question is, should I just delete everything on that old partition with xp on it, or should I do something else b/c that wouldn't be a clean uninstall?


The way I would go about it, first save any files you need from the XP partition.
Boot in with Vista DVD, run setup, choose custom install, drive tools, quick format the XP partition, then run repair Vista instalation to fix MBR.
The boot record for Vista will be on the XP partition which will prevent you from deleting all files on the XP partition from Vista.
Alternativly save all your files to an external source, delete both partitions, create new ones and do a clean instalation from scratch.
How to do this read Paul Thurrot's article: