[SOLVED] Uninstalled a gpu from a pc I'm no longer using and trying to install it to my other computer

Feb 18, 2022
So I took out the functioning gpu from a computer that I no longer use, because it won't turn on anymore after a mishap with the power button and case, and I'm thinking of putting it into a tower I have that I've been using by uninstalling the old card that's in the tower. I'm going to remove the drivers from the one in the tower of course and take it out, but the issue is that I couldn't remove the drivers from the old card that I took out from the other pc. Would it even be possible to use that gpu from the old pc in the tower? I'm worried I'll ruin the only functioning pc I have.
What brand of cards are we talking? Drivers aren't really a bother if brand is consistent, ie Nvidia to Nvidia.

Display Driver Uninstaller utility will complete the job anyhow.