Uninstalling Win 7 program while booted in XP


Apr 11, 2010
Hi, all.

Background -
This is regarding my home desktop. I have four HDDs. Two are non-system storage drives, 4TB and 6TB each, and are accessible from Windows 7 Ultimate 64. The other two drives are 150GB (Win XP Pro 32) and 75 GB (Win 7 Ultimate 64) system drives. I can currently only boot on XP.

Issue -
Yesterday, my Win 7 didn't boot. When I try Safe mode (any) it stops at aswbidsha.sys, apparently Avast may be corrupted. I ran check disk on the Win 7 drive from the GUI on XP, with both options to recover and repair selected, and it completed but didn't give me any information. I assume this means the drive is fine. I haven't tried again to boot it up yet (at work now) on Win 7 since I ran the check disk.

Questions -
1. Is it possible to remove Avast on Win 7 from XP? I can access the Win 7 drive files but other than deleting the Program folder, I'm not sure what else I need to do.
2. Will I be able to access my storage drives if I have to reinstall Win 7? This may be easily answered if I remove them and connect to my wife's PC (also Win 7) but I thought I'd just ask you guys.
3. Any other advice you have?

1- if windows 7 does not boot, you cannot uninstall avast from it. you can delete the folder but, next time you boot you will get error message about avast missing files. But why you want to do that ? I don't thing avast is creating the boot problem.

2- Once win7 installed you will have access to the other drives, might ask for permission first.

3- if you cannot boot in win 7 and tried repairs but still won't work. You have to reinstall, backup you data if any on it.
Also, I would check the drive health to see if it is not dying and needs to be replaced (hard disk sentinel trial)


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