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Jun 26, 2001
I have 2 OS on my comp; Win2K and Win 98 SE. I'm simply fed up with Win98 SE's crap. I want to remove it, so how can I do this via Windows 2000?

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Dec 31, 2007
I assume that you have them on separate partitions. The easiest way would be to format the drive with Win98SE on it, and if the boot menu still exists, you can remove that via Win2K.

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Mar 31, 2001
Wait! before you kill Win98SE. There is a solution. The problematic crap going on in Win98SE is the dumb critical updates to Internet Explorer and the blasted IE 5.5 SP1.

If you have the power to rule over IE most of your problems will go away. Try this first, there is a utility that lets you regain control by either completely uninstalling IE or installing pieces of it through the "Add Remove" applet in windows. Go to: (www.98lite.net) It worked for me, and I was at the place of frustration where you are now. Now my default browser in Win98SE is Netscape and if I need to use IE I boot into W2k. It your choice.

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Mar 25, 2001
Make sure that you have the latest update Win2000 Emergency Repair Disk (ERD), Win2000 installation CD, Win2000 boot floppies (if from previous install you found that you need them),
and also Win98 Startup floppy.
It's a very good idea to make a full backup of your partition.

Do you have the same programs installed from Win98 and from Win2K in default directories?

- If YES, better to uninstall updates and such programs itselfs from Win2K if you 100% sure that uninstall works on those programs. Later you will reinstall them.
Or, put notes on those programs and don't touch them from Win98 uninstall.
(As for me, I wouldn't bother and would rather reinstall Win2K from scratch after FDISK /MBR and FORMAT /U)

- If NO, try to uninstall all those programs that installed from Win98 only.

- Delete Windows directory.

- Make sure that you don't touch boot.ini, bootsect.dos, ntldr, ntdetect.com, ntbootdd.sys, hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys files.

You can try carefully to delete one by one the rest of the stuff you're 100% sure is not in use by Windows 2000.
Update ERD with backing up the registry before every DELETE. Or better to create a new ERD (at least have a couple rotating). Mark the ERD every time about the changes you performed on Win2K.
Restart Win2000 after every DELETE and check how every program works. Restore if something wrong. Empty the Recycle Bin every time after you ensure that everything works fine.

- Finally, you have to backup and then edit boot.ini.

Just a suggestion: next time install every OS on separate partition/drive for multiple boot. It's a good idea and normal common way to have a separate partition for Windows 2000 system itself,
and partition(s) for programs and data.