University blocks multiplayer - any workarounds?

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Feb 1, 2017
I just started university the other day, and have obviously brought my PC with me. I tried to call a friend on Discord and see how he's faring, but it doesn't let me join the call. I tried booting up games like Rainbow and the new Blackout beta, but it doesn't like connecting to the servers. Even Minecraft seems to be restricted.

I went to the IT office and they basically told me that certain things are not allowed/restricted, online gaming being one of these things. I think this is a bit crap seeing how I'm living on the campus. There's even an e-sports society here (haven't joined it yet), but I don't see how you can do anything like that when the internet doesn't like you.

I've tried a few workarounds and my only solutions seem to be A) mobile data, and B) VPN. However, the first one is impractical and the second one will cost, as all the VPN's need a subscription. Wired connection is a no-go as well: there are no ethernet ports in my room, and my trying to get around that with a powerline adaptor didn't work.

Are there any workarounds? Or will I just have to wait until next year when I'm off campus and Rainbow Six has gone through four more seasons?
you should be studying, making sure all homework is done and fully understood. do all the reading, review, docs and papers, etc.. doesn't college keep you busy enough? lol

plus, your vpn can be blocked at any time by the university it staff. lol you are not hiding
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