Question Unknown device connected to my pc

Mar 5, 2021
So im part of a discord group where we played a mod provided by one of the guy we played with.
Weeks later i and some other people from the same discord saw a connection into our pc that has the same name as the guy who gave the mod.
When i saw it i tried to open it but couldn't and then it disappeared.
I went into "bluetooth and other devices" and saw it there again but not connected.
It looks like he infected us with some tracker/spyware, or can it be something else?
What this could be and what should i do about it?
Maybe it is some spyware that send info into his pc periodically for some time and only then we can see his connection.


Ask the guy who gave you the mod.

If he does not respond or otherwise provide some clear explanation then your group may need to vote him "off the island".

In the meantime, everyone should be running AV, malware, scans etc...

Change passwords and otherwise work with the full premise you were hacked.