[SOLVED] Unknown IC on laptop motherboard

Sep 28, 2022
I have an ASUS FX505GT laptop. A few days ago, I heard a little pop, smelled a little smoke, and found that all my USB ports were fried. Device Manager shows the hubs all in working order, but I couldn't get anything to work. After removing the motherboard, I found one blown IC marked "53A8." I can't find anything regarding its existence. I also can't find anything regarding my specific mobo's product number (60NR02M0-MB3000) - I asked ASUS and they were no help. I have a picture here. The IC is right in the middle, off to the left a bit.
On the board, there are two more of these 53A8 ICs, so I'm guessing it's one per USB port. Those two are undamaged, from what I can tell, but none of the ports work due to the one that blew. Does anybody know what this is?