[SOLVED] Unknown Motherboard Module

Jun 9, 2019
Hello everyone.

I just wanted to make my sister's old laptop (MSI S30) work again. The issue is, Windows doesn't detect Wireless card and mSata SSD. They are not visible anywhere including Bios and Device manager. I tried every new and old driver out there (Intel website says this wireless card supports Win10 64 bit) but to no avail. It's the same with both -previously installed- Windows 8 64 bit and the new Windows 10 64 bit. So I opened it to see what was going on inside and have found this module (on the left):

It's connected to the motherboard as a separate part:

With close inspection, I saw the connector of the module was tampered with on the side. I assume it was done when the laptop had been previously repaired. So my best guess is module itself is not working (if both wlan and ssd didn't get broken together). I'm no newbie (or so I thought) but haven't seen this kind of component before. And here's the tricky part, I can not seem to find this module anywhere. Not in my country (Turkey) or on the internet at all (motherboard is MS-13581 and module is MS-1358C by the way). I only could see one on Aliexpress but the seller is asking for a ridiculous price. What's this module and connector exactly and how should I search them? Can I find any other replacements? (Usb wifi adapter things are the last resort.) Thanks in advance.

p.s. It's called "WLAN module" in the official disassemble guide but that didn't bring any result either.
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