Question Unlimited Cloud Storage Easier and Cheaper W/ Your Own Domain?


Feb 6, 2017
I've been trying to figure out what my next move is. I'm a digital hoarder and it takes me awhile to feel comfortable deleting something. I have a large media collection I've had over the years that always gets larger and larger everyday.
I've been trying to decide my options as who I should go to for unlimited cloud storage. While reading about different providers, I ran across a group saying something along the lines that it's cheaper and better to buy a domain name from namecheap and host my cloud storage for myself that way. Is this possible for my needs? I'm not trying to share links or files and this would be only for me. I would like a mapped drive on PC and be able to move and rearrange files and folders whenever I wanted. I was leaning towards OpenDrive (paid / unlimited) before seeing the conversation about domains and such. The 1GB,10GB,15GB, 50GBS are not for me, Sadly enough, I'd need like 40TB, more, or unlimited.
I'm just really burnt out on buying external HDDs at this point. I have way too many externals and would much rather upload and sell them at this point. Too much clutter.
So is it possible to do the namecheap- buy a domain and host my own unlimited cloud storage for personal use? If it is possible can someone point me in the direction of a dumbed down how to guide?
If what I read doesnt apply to what I'm needing would OpenDrive be best for my needs?


IMO, cloud is a good backup, but should not be your only copy if you are a "hoarder". There is no guarantee that a cloud company will continue as a company or that your data won't get compromised.

Buying a domain is just buying a name. You are talking about leasing hosting services. You would have to determine what the costs of a hosting contract that provides the space you desire. And you have to remember that you are paying that same amount every year.

As a hoarder, a large NAS hosted on your LAN with cloud backup should be what you look for IMO. An 8 or 9 drive base NAS unit that can have at least 1 expansion enclosure. Your amount of storage is in the small business category rather than home category of hardware.