Question Unlocking HP 6540b

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Jan 24, 2021
My uncle retired from a telco, they let him have his work laptop, its been about 2 months since then, and he has forgotten his password. He has asked me to unlock it but its a BIOS password and I'm not able to proceed even install Win10 via USB as that option is available but later blocked.

I read this thread but the url provided by @REO51ST no longer works.

I tried to contact HP via their website but support in my country(Philippines) and for that laptop is no longer available. The threads I made there have been closed because my the words I've used 'intended to bypass or subvert security measures, including passwords, locking mechanisms, fingerprint scans, etc., or to bypass any safety measures.' HP is much help when its their item, they no longer support it, but the people with the most support and knowledge on the fix are on their side.

Bringing this to a store or a technician will be my last resort.

I hope someone here has another way to crack the password or an updated version of the BIOS unlocker capable of unlocking a 6540b.

Has anyone tried the CMOS way to get around the password?
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