Unlocking Phenom II 555 to Tri-Cores ?


Apr 22, 2010
So Ive been reading alot about this 555 processor and many reviewers on newegg were saying they were able to unlock it to tri-cores when one of the cores were not stable. How is this possible ? I remember back when I had the Phenom II X2 550 it was either you got an unlocked quad or you were stuck with a Dual core, there was no way to make it a tri core (or am i wrong?). My question is how exactly would I make it a TRI core and what specific mobo do I need, im thinking of getting one, thanks alot !
- sb750 or sb710 motherboards (have a function called 'ACC' in the BIOS)

- a few of the sb850 motherboards have a 'core-unlocker' and some are revising their BIOSs with a function similar to ACC but you should verify on a board-by-board basis

Most ACC BIOS settings allow you to select 'all cores' or provide the option to unlock on a 'single' core-by-core basis