Question Unlucky, and in the market - Monitor decision and opinions


Apr 29, 2013
For Christmas this year, I was able to put together a long deserved new PC. My old rig was running a i7 3770k with the only upgrade being a gtx 1080 over the years. It was only after my new rig was complete that I realized, in terror, that my monitors only support greater than 60Hz on DVI, which, is no longer standard on modern video cards (I bought new DP cables and monitor settings and did more research than I care to admit to prove this statement is accurate). Needless to say, I feel like I am not getting to fully enjoy my new rig. In fps gaming, it almost feels like a downgrade.

So I am in the market for a new monitor and would like your input. My current monitors are not great, so anything modern should be an improvement providing it has a high refresh rate 1ms or less response time.

My budget is flexible, but I would like to avoid throwing away money.

I would like one that is -
144Hz or greater
1ms response or less
Great Color
Dark blacks
No light bleed
larger than my current (24 inch)

I have been leaning toward ultra wide but do not know enough about them to have my own opinion.

Any input would help on this, and I appreciate it in advance.


Your old i7 with 1080 was good enough to run games at higher than 60hz, I would have started with a nicer monitor first then replacing the system.

You did not give any specs of the system so no way to know what resolution you should be at or if you can use G-Sync or not, but in general this 27" LG is a good price for the specs it has

Some light bleed you may just need to deal with since all monitors will have some, especially if you want "dark blacks" since you would want an IPS screen for that.

Really all you need to do is search for "27" gaming monitor" and look at the reviews and ratings. Any opinions you would get on forums would more or less match what is in the reviews, it's not likely you will see 20 suggestions all for the same monitor so you will need to pick something anyway from those.