Question Unplayable Stutters In Fortnite

Jan 28, 2021
Before I start, yes this will be long as I will try and explain everything I have done because I have been at this for nearly 8-10 hours between today and yesterday. I also will really appreciate anyone's help with this as well as I am completely stumped.

Two days ago I started experiencing unplayable frame drops, (144 down to 60 and spiking back up) which of course caused significant stutters in my gameplay.
My Setup:
i7-9700k on stock Oclock of 4.6-7ghz.
Masterliquid ml240 CPU cooler RGB
Samsung 970 evo pro
Sewill 650w Bronze
Gigabyte Aorus Pro z390 (I don't think I actually have the driver software downloaded for this mobo btw if that's important, hasn't seemed to affect me in the past but)
Patriot Viper 2x 8gb XMPd in Bios to 3200mghz in slots 2 and 4
MSI Radeon RX 580 8gb OC

I began testing temperatures and monitoring hardware in Speccy while playing. All of my temps seemed fine. My GPU never got hotter than 60C, my CPU never hit anything over 50C, and my MOBO/SSD (goes probably without saying) in the 30s range. I thought it would be an overheating issue at first causing the GPU or CPU to get to hot and ultimately temporarily stop before starting up again which would explain the quick drops and stutters. However, with my temps fine I decided it couldn't be that. So I tested it on Destiny 2, same issue. So I uninstalled/removed and reinstalled multiple different software versions of AMD's Radeon graphics software as that has caused me issues in the past, but to no avail. I factory reset my pc entirely starting from scratch, nothing. Eventually I started testing RAM with a single stick, two sticks, in different slots, etc. After that my RAM has decided to fail I guess. After I took them out to re seat them, as long as they are in, my pc will not even boot to bios, I have tried every single configuration of 1 stick, 2 sticks, etc. I find it really odd that both RAM sticks can just suddenly "stop working" like that so that's a strange thing within itself. So, thankfully my brother just built a brand new "unbelievable" pc and I started testing his parts. I put his Corsair Vengeance pro 32gb 3200mghz in and of course my pc booted up great. However, still the same fps issues in Fortnite. So, I changed out my RX 580 for his RTX 3060 (And yes I also tested his RAM and mine on XMP and off XMP). I thought this for sure would fix it and to my disbelief, not even a slight fix, however, I did test his GPU on both Rocket League and Destiny 2 and they both seemed to run without these massive stutters. I have tested my RAM multiple times and decided it is faulty and I will be buying new RAM. However, even after testing my brother's significantly better parts, it still didn't fix my issue. I have literally tried everything I can possibly think of. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know as I have been at this for ages and am definitely in need of some help from other perspectives as there must be something I'm missing.

Thanks, Nick