[SOLVED] Unplugging Speakers from outlet Crashes Vega 64 (black screen). Swapped almost everything out, no change

Jan 24, 2019
I have recently built a new PC and it is great except for one major flaw... Whenever I plug in or unplug anything else from the same power strip that the PC is on, my screen goes black permanently. The audio will continue to play for about 30 seconds or so and then that crashes too. Case fans and lights stay running but nothing else seems to work. Only way to fix it is by restarting. This happens if plug/unplug speakers or a laptop charger or another monitor. It's fine if they are already plugged in, but it is the act of plugging/unplugging that causes the crash.

So it's the power supply not supplying enough power!
No- this happens when I'm just browsing the web and the GPU is pulling less than 10W.

So it's just a bad power supply!
No- I swapped the new power supply (850W) with one from another computer which I know does not have this issue (750W) and the issue still persists.

Then it's your power strip!
No- this happened on multiple different power strips which I have never had an issue with before

Then it's your outlet?
No- problem first occurred at a LAN party at my friends house, but I can reproduce the problem at home too.

Something's overheating?
No- all temps are just above room temperature when this happens. Furthermore, the computer does this even under no load (e.g., displaying a blank desktop)

It's bad drivers!
Updated drivers to the most recent version using AMD's software

It's the motherboard!
Maybe? But this issue does not happen when I swap in my old GTX 970

It's bad motherboard drivers/BIOS!
Updated motherboard drivers per manufacturer's software and also flashed to most recent BIOS. Same issues.

Well maybe the card is bad. Replace it!
Ok, I did that and purchased another Vega 64 (this time a liquid cooled one because it was on sale. Still happens.

Is it stable otherwise?
Yes. I have had absolutely no issues except this one

Is the GPU overclocked?

Is the CPU overclocked?

I am kind of at my wit's end in terms of troubleshooting this. Anyone have anything else I can try?

Here are the detailed hardware specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
Motherboard: MSI B450i AC Mini ITX
First GPU: Sapphire Vega 64 8GB
Second GPU (current): Powercolor Vega 64 8GB Liquid Cooled
Ram: 2x8GB Team T-Force Vulkan
First PSU: Thermaltake 850W RGB Gold
Second PSU: OCZ 750W Bronze


Mar 16, 2018
Could be your card is sensitive to voltage spikes, every time you pull or plug a device, there is a small disturbance in voltage that’s somehow picked up by your Vega. I suppose you could get a ups and put your mainsustem behind it. Normally I’d expect your power supply to filter out all those garbage in. But maybe it didn’t get rid all of them.
Apr 7, 2019
Hi nuanen,

I seem to have similar issues as yours - in my case it's sound monitors connected to mains through a WiFi switch. It's the WiFi switch toggling, which causes the issue mentioned above. Turning the speakers on their own works just fine. I'm contemplating a better quality power strip with filters + connecting it to a different outlet. An alternative I can think of is getting a full-blown UPS unit, but would like to avoid shelling out that money tbf.

Have you managed to resolve the problem on your end?