Question Unreal Engine 5 is glitching & blacking out ?

Oct 1, 2021
I've already posted this thread on Unreal Engine forum and even send them a personal Feedback, It's been a day and no replies so I'm trying here too..
I have RTX 2060,R5 3600, 16gb , enough storage and Windows 11.

When I open the Unreal Engine 5 project, i got this glitch where it looks like at the bottom right of my screen there is a top left side of a toolbar/menu bar. When i hover my mouse around File/Edit/Window or any other toolbar, that top left side part just appears below that aswell . And when I try to screenshot it, only that top left part of toolbar from bottom right of my screen appears, everything else is blacked out. I tried reinstalling Unreal and the problem hasn't changed. Please help.