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From the link:

" The only thing that feels off is the flashlight effect used to depict the scene at night. It just looks like a video game flashlight, awkwardly centered and emanating from nowhere in particular. "

Could simply be that the nighttime lighting effects are more demanding when it comes to being realistic.....

Good chance that if the station was shown (day or night) with rainy conditions then the reality would likely suffer a bit.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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Jul 28, 2020
Thank you ever so much for your comment & clarification, @Ralston18 . I hope that not everything in future video games will be based on visual quality. I hope it turns out well.

I wish you a happy day!
I think the biggest issue with the night scene is it feels like it's rendered in standard dynamic range rather than HDR. Or at the least, the dynamic range feels compressed. Especially if you want to consider the virtual camera behaving like a normal camera.

For instance, I would expect the light fixtures to be overexposed and with bloom, and maybe when the light from the flash light is on something close. Also the reflections on the platform look off. For example at 1:19 in the video, the platform looks too dull. There should be a streak of light down the platform from the light fixture reflections. For a comparison, here's a video of someone walking down the streets at night while it's raining in Japan:
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