Question Unreliable connection between Wifi/Bluetooth card and motherboard


Sep 2, 2014
I had a problem a while back of frequent blue screens which turned out to be due to the wifi/bluetooth card not always connecting properly with the motherboard on my Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB. This may have been connected to a repair I had done previously during which I had removed and reinserted the card.

So I opened the laptop up again, removed and then reinserted the card once again, taking care to make sure it was pushed right into its slot, and then tried again. And after that it worked fine for a few months, but today I had the same problem again. First a blue screen, and then no wifi or bluetooth when I rebooted, and not in Linux either when I loaded Ubuntu from a USB drive. So I opened the laptop up again, re-seated the card again, and now everything is working.

However, the fact that the problem has happened again suggest that there is something not right with the connection between the card and the motherboard beyond simply not inserting the card properly. What can I do to fix this permanently?