Question Unresponsive but functional graphics card?


Apr 4, 2014
Hi all!
I have been having some very consistent issues over the last few weeks that I can't seem to pin down. The problems are mostly with specific programs, so I'd hoped that a Windows or Nvidia update would fix things, but here I am.

Most concerning to me is MSI Afterburner's behavior. The application functions perfectly normally, and has no problems setting clock speed up to max stable (but I usually keep it no oc), but whenever I try to adjust the fan speed the screen goes black, flickers, and comes back on with fan set to auto. The other issues are with games, most often DirectX games. In cod:Warzone, Titanfall 2, Deep Rock Galactic, Hearthstone, Fallout 4, and a few other games, I get an immediate crash to desktop if I try to adjust graphics settings in any way, but especially when changing resolution, windowed/fullscreen modes, or changing window sizes. I will occasionally get a generic "DirectX failed" error in Warzone, but that's it. Of least note, in my opinion, the GPU RGB settings tab in RGBFusion has disappeared, leaving it's color scheme at the default.

Everything else is behaving perfectly normally. The GPU behaves excellently under stress, with the AIO watercooler keeping it at 65 degrees at full sustained load (at the fixed 38% fan speed - it previously ran 5 degrees cooler when at 60%). I don't experience flickering, artifacts, or anything weird in normal use or Kombustor stress testing. I've tried clean installing drivers (and several have been released since I started having this issue, what with the RTX 3000 release), uninstalling MSI Afterburner, uninstalling my VPN (Nord), reinstalling programs that are affected, and re-seating my card. Neither the Windows Event Viewer or GPU-Z log any events when games crash or fans reset.

Aorus z390 Pro Wifi,
i7-9700k (no oc)
RTX 2080 Super
Aorus Super Waterforce 8GB AIO
dual channel 4x8GB DDR4-3200 RAM courtesy of Team T-Force,
a mix of drives with my boot on an M.2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus,
850W Bronze Seasonic power supply.

As always any help is enormously appreciated :) Thank you!