Question unresponsive freezing pc

Apr 20, 2021
for about 1 month now, my pc has been freezing out of no where and I cannot seem to figure out a fix or the issue. What happens is that first, a video that I am watching stays stuck on buffering, a league of legends match become unresponsive (my friends say that I disconnected from the game), i can hear my friends on discord perfectly fine for about 10 seconds until i cannot hear them (they cannot hear me and discord says I am on 5000 ping) and my spotify loops audio. After about 20 seconds from the start of the problem, my pc would freeze completely. no bsod and a force shutdown is required. My internet connection would also be connected but no internet secured.
Anyone know what is causing this and how I can fix it.

Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, MSI Radeon rx570, 2 sticks of corsair vengeance rgb pro, asrock b450 steel legend mobo, and corsair cx650m psu

Internet connection is connected by a 5 year old wifi adapter (do not know if this is what causes it but wifi is completely stopped when this happens) Also, one day, this scenario happened to my pc 2 times in the span of 5 minutes from disconnecting and reconnecting the wifi adapter which has never happened before.

OS Build: 19042.867 with 20h2

Small update: I ran a sfc /scannow just now and it found corrupted files and sfc fixed them but still the same issue.