Question Unsolved GTX 1060 mystery (unable to swap out to check)


Apr 24, 2019
I posted about this issue over a year ago but didn't resolve it. So I will try again.
In short, it seems my GPU is faulty. But I am not 100% sure if it's maybe the drivers or anything else.
So in game frames drop to 20, and to get them back up to 60 i need to reset and then set the core clock speed to any higher number. After which the GPU usage drops but the fps goes back up to 60
Here is an example:

So my question is, is there anything I can do software side to fix this? Since I don't have any spare hardware
When I went to check my ram, I just realized windows is using only 8gb of the 16..... So now I have another issue...

It seems one of my ram sticks died.... I just found out about this as i was looking about my specs, since i haven't in a while... Now i have half the ram and a faulty gpu.
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

Windows 10 64bit
Palit Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1060 6gb
AMD Ryzen 5 1400
16gb ram
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Let's start at the beginning.
Make sure there is no dust or crap caked in your CPU/GPU/case heatsink and fans. If there is blow it out. How is your case airflow (intake and exhaust fan count)? For now, forget about any type of CPU, MB, or GPU overclocking. Turn it all off except for default AMP for the memory you are using. List the exact motherboard, memory, and PSU model you are using. Run a Userbenchmark after your system sits for 5 mins at at blank desktop after a reboot and post a link to the results.