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Jun 22, 2019
(I don't have a lot of knowledge about the topic, so I am sorry if i say something wrong or use wrong terms.)

I am renting a basement appartment, and I am having some internet issues. A cat cable runs from their router, down to an internet panel box in my hallway, where the cable is then sent furter in to the appartment where it comes out of an ethernet port. From there I have my own cable to connect it to my router. I was expecting the speed to be somewhat lower since it first runs through the landlords router, but it is only the connection that was really unstable. The enternet would stop working every 10 minutes or so, and if i tried to download anything the internet would just go out after a short while. So for the last month I have just set my router up to mesh mode, or whatever it is called. My router receives their wifi signal, and then sends it to my pc via cable. Safe to say this is not a perfect solution. Once a day I have to reset the router because the internet randomly disconnects. And I have to use 2,4 ghz to have it as stable as possible.
Is it the cable that runs from their router to mine that is Removed? Or could it be something else.
Something to note is that they have a 300/300 connection, and I got that when I used wired but the internet would randomly drop out which is really frustrating when playing games

I dont know a lot of the english terms, but I hope I could explain the situation somewhat
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Try to plug your machine directly into the wall jack without your router. This is to see if it is your router causing the problem.

It is not likely the cable most times they either work or they do not. If it would say only run 100mbps rather than then that too could be a bad cable.

Open a cmd window and use the ping command with the -t option and ping the ip of the main router constantly. Again this works best if your router is not in the path to confuse things.

If the cable is bad you should see packet loss on the ping commands.

If it really is a cable issue there it not much to them. It is seldom the actual wire it is almost always one of the end connectors. Depending on what types etc you can replace them or in some case just pull the wires out cut a bit off and put the wires back fixes a lot of issues.