Question Unstable Hardware (CPU RAM SSD HDD

May 1, 2019
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I started Benchmarking my PC a while ago and wanted to max out my Performance.

I was able to Overclock my GPU, a GTX 1070 Ti fom Asus, Stable. (0 Artifacts, and always 99% - 101% Score in UserBenchmark)

I realized that my Memory in general (RAM, SSD and HDD) are Very unstable. My CPU is also Very unstable (Intel i7-8700 NON k).

My OS (Windows 10) is installed on my SSD and Games are on the HDD. I used 71.2GB/ 232GB from the SSD (Advertised as 250 GB) , and 1.69TB/3.63TB from the HDD (Advertised as 4TB). Nm

All my Hardware was newly bougt in November 2018.

Here are 2 Benchmark where you see the Diffrence:

Https:// \- Bad SSD score

Https:// \- Bad HDD and CPU score

I dont have a link to a bad RAM score.

i Wont be able to use my PC until 04.09.19, because im not at home.

My Hardware:


GTX 1070-Ti (Asus)

Samsung 860 EVO M.2 250 GB

WD Blue 4TB (2015) - Bought in 2018, Sealed

Kingston HyperX DDR4 2666 C15 (4x4GB)

Thanks for your help

(Edit: Benchmarked always under same Conditions)


Don't take those scores to heart. Userbenchmark is actually garbage for scoring your PC.
It does have uses in aiding to find problems within PCs though.
I don't see anything wrong with your system.
Those scores are likely linked to the 5% difference in background cpu processes.
Windows is always doing crap in the background, plus anything else you may have had open at the time.