Question Unstable Internet, Packet loss

Oct 9, 2022
I have been dealing with constant packet loss with Xfinity that occurs every few seconds at its worst and happens every hour(Down 900, up 20-25). It gets worse from 7pm-12pm like clockwork. In ping plotter you can clearly see an issue with packets, but how can I get to fix this? I am on ethernet and always have been. It makes all games almost unplayable and stuttery constantly. The red spikes are directly correlated with stutters, dropped download/upload speed, and packet loss.
Attached are an all chart with dns I have used
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I would first start by turning off IPv6 support and see if that makes any difference.

The second one where it using ipv4 addresses thought also shows loss. Problem is it show massive loss to your router which likely is not actual. The issue will be if you show it to your ISP they will claim it is your router.

Maybe try the much simpler. Open a couple command windows and let a constant ping run to your router ip. The ip in hop 2. and then some final IP. What you hope to see is no loss in hop1, but loss to both hop 2 and your final node. If you are lucky this should be enough to convice the ISP to check your line.

What I would also do is check the signal levels on your modem, you need to search because the recommended values are bit different depending on the docsis used and it would be a pretty big cut and paste here.
You might also see uncorrectable errors . You will always see some and these counters are not cleared often so watch for the numbers changing. You might also get lucky and see error messages in the modem log.