Question unstable overclock please help


Jan 13, 2015
Hey all, so i'm in the process of overclocking my computer,
My system is
X370 Asus Crosshair Hero
Trident z neo 3600cl16 (sk hynix) 16-19-19-39

So ram is stable at rated speeds but only if the cpu is not overclocked

When i overclock at all, even 4ghz my memory isn't stable, even at lower speeds.

My motherboard settings.
Latest Bios 7601

[Extreme Tweaker]
AI overclock tuner - Manual
eCLK Mode - Synchronous Mode
BCLK Frequence - 100
BCLK Divider - Auto
Performance Enhancer - Default
Cpu Core Ratio - 42
Performance Bias - None
Mem Freq - 3600
Core Performance Boost - Disabled
SMT Mode - Enabled
Cpu Core Volt Manual 1.39125 (tried upping for ram stability) stable with 1.355v without ram
CPU SoC - Manual 1.0 (tried 1.15, no difference)
Dram Volt - 1.38 (1.419 Showing in HWMonitor)
everything else auto in this screen

[Precision Boost]
PBO - disabled
Max cpu boost clock override - manual 0mhz
platform thermal throttle limit - auto

[External Digi+ power control]
CPU LLC - lvl 1
CPU Current Capability - 100%
CPU VRM Switching - Manual
CPU Voltage Frequence - 400
Cpu Power Duty Control - Tprobe
Cpu power phase control - power phase response
manual adjustment - ultra fast
cpu power thermal control - 120
vddsoc llc - lvl 3
vddsoc current capability - 120
vddsoc switching frequence - manual - 400
vddsoc phase control - power phase response
manual adjustment - ultra fast
dram current capability - 120
dram power phase control - extreme
dram switching frequence - 400
dram boot volt 1.38

procodt - 60ohms
cmd2t - 1T
Gear down mode - enabled
Power down enable - auto
everything else auto apart from custom timings here

not 100% on stability, no errors in 70 minutes of memtest without overclock.
without the external digi power control settings, ram isn't stable even at d.o.c.p speeds
i've changed the cpu llc and capability to 1 & 100% as i thought when it was spiking from 4.2 - 4.35+ it was causing memory errors, and while it may have been, changing the settings still didn't get rid of them all

I bought the cpu with the black friday sales, i'm trying to squeeze every drop of performance i can get. if i could just get stable d.o.c.p ram settings at 4.2ghz i'd just to the subtimings and settle.

please help, i'm still a noob. i've done / am doing alot of research but i could really use some expertise
all out of ideas


Just because your RAM is a 3600Mhz set doesn't mean that the memory controller on the CPU can run the RAM at 3600Mhz.
Start with setting your RAM to 2933Mhz with default timings so that you can focus on overclocking the CPU.


May 24, 2017
2nd Gen Ryzen can run 2993Mhz RAM on default. Everything above that is considered as overclock. The fact that you run at 3600Mhz stable is very good. Your motherboard is good but for older generation Ryzen and may cant handle much overclock on both CPU and RAM (check for bios update btw, newer mios may fix the problem) . Also keep in mind that even if the motherboard manufacturer says it support overclock etc. Electonics can have different limits even on the exact same motherboard model.