Question Unstable Ping in iOS devices with various WiFi Hotspots


Mar 23, 2015
Hi there!

I have this weird issue where I can't seems to understand what's causing the problem.

So, my locality do not have broadband connectivity, so I have to rely on 4G hotspot to use my devices and I face weird ping fluctuations and packet loss in my iPhone and iPad, while having no issue on my laptop and Android phone.

I tested it by pinging and my average ping on my laptop and Android phone was like 40-60ms.

However, when I ping at the same time (or even when no other device is connected), my average ping varies from 80ms to 300ms in my iPad and iPhone.

I tested on my friends' iPhone and the issue seems to be in their devices as well.

Also, I tried creating hotspot with different devices and the result was similar. Even hotspot created with iPhone had high ping on the iPad.

It really causes issues whenever I play games like PUBG Mobile because I don't get hitmarkers properly, I just see blood. Also, there have been a lot of other issues. I don't face these issues in my Android phone.

I don't get proper 4G signal in my area, that's why I have to rely on 4G hotspot.

Here's quick look at the issues-

• Unstable Ping when pinging any other network (i.e., No issue on my Android or Laptop.

• No ping issue when pinging (better ping than the Android phone).

• Packet Loss.

Here are the things I have tried-

• Tried different WiFi hotspots.

• Tried 5 GHz band.

• Tried switching channel. (no other WiFi network is close though)

• Tried using iPhone's Hotspot with iPad, yet same issue.

• Disabled iCloud Backup and Background App Refresh.

• Enabled Low Data mode, to avoid background data usage.


For a long time, I cursed my 4G operator for being bad but now realized it was due to my devices itself. 😅 Please provide some suggestion, if you have any idea about it.

It really sucks while playing online shooter games. :( Can't switch to Android either.
One of the many curses of using iDevices. Very pretty and easy to use but that's about it. (Oh and very affordable... lol) You are at the mercy of both your devices and using LTE for gaming, the experience will never be optimal.