[SOLVED] Unstable system after new hardware, Gigabyte Z390 M and i7 9700k

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Feb 16, 2020
I recently did a mobo/cpu swap previously paired with a i5 6600k and GA-Z170M-D3H on a very stable OC, which ran with no problems for ~2 years on Windows 10. Using all the same components including memory and GPU, I upgraded with a i7 9700k and Gigabyte Z390 M, which right out of the box always either blue screens or crashes applications when under load after about 30min to an hour. I've tried:
- Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro (formatting drive in the process)
- Re-seating RAM and GPU multiple times
- Updating the BIOS to the latest version (out of the box came with version F8, I updated to F9g which apparently addresses "Fix CPU Vcore and power behavior", no change in my experience)
- Installed all necessary motherboard drivers before/after fresh install of windows
- Reset to default BIOS settings before and after flashing new version
- Running with XMP profile on/off
- I've tried raising the Vcore from 1.2V (default) to just 1.21V and blue screens before it even reaches the sign in screen
- I've tried dropping the Vcore in steps from 1.2V, it seemed to be more stable but does eventually crash at some point (I plan to OC so this is something I don't plan to run with in the long run)

I'm trying to determine if this is a CPU or motherboard issue, I was planning on overclocking immediately but this giving me issues straight out of the box even with factory settings so I'm convinced to at least return one of these components. I'm still open to try anything else but if there's no apparent solution and does seem like a motherboard issue, please recommend any quality ones for doing conservative-moderate OCing.
Not open for further replies.