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Aug 14, 2020
Hi everybody, I am having a problem for quite some time now.
I‘ll try to explain everything I tried so far and my components etc. and hope someone can help me.

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Super
RAM: 2x8 Viper DDR4 3200
Motherboard: ASROCK B450m Pro-F
PSU: Be Quiet System Power 9 500W
Storage: Kingston A400 SSD 480GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro

At first I got seemingly at random Blue screens and System reboots.
The Bluescreens were mostly Memory or Kernel related.
When the system rebooted, it was not like a normal reboot, but like someone pulled the plug (with similar sound from headphones).

Windows is up to date.
GPU drivers are up to date.
I got the latest motherboard drivers installed.
BIOS is on the latest update.

First I thought after reading through lots of forums, that the problem is software related, so i tried various fixes, old drivers etc. ... nothing worked, so i reinstalled windows via a boot drive.
The problems kept coming so i figured out the problem must be hardware related, at that point I still had a different Graphics card (AMD RX570) and because many crashes seemed to happen at the same time with the GPU driver crashing, I replaced my GPU with the one seen above and gave Windows a fresh reinstall again.

The GPU driver crashes stopped, but after like a day Blue Screens and the restarts as mentioned above kept happening again.
Due to the restarts that felt to me like a power cut, I switched the power supply with a new one, unfortunately this didn’t fix the problem.

I already suspected faulty ram for a long time, but because the windows Memcheck as well as mimtest 86 after multiple runs never returned with faults, I didn’t think the RAM could be faulty.

Now i tried switching the RAM around, normally it was running in dual channel on slots A2 and B4, unfortunately i got conflicting results when doing so, when i ran one ram stick only in A2 for example, the system had a Blue Screen on startup, an other time it seemed to work even after subsequent stress tests.

I went through pretty much every possible ram configuration and couldn’t come to a conclusion. Since i don’t have spare parts or spare computers lying around for testing, i now ordered another motherboard and another pair of RAM too figure out the faulty parts, I guess if those don‘t work, then the Hard drive or the cpu are the last parts i didn’t try to replace.

Some things I want to mention is, that the crashes really seemed to be happening at random and i can‘t force them to happen, they don’t seem to be related to stress on CPU or GPU and also the temperatures are fine, I also had crashes when i was literally doing nothing and just going through windows settings menus.

Alright, that was a long text, I hope someone can get some useful information out of that.

Thanks so much in advance.


Can you tell how often - approximately - the cut-off tends to happens ?

The problem you describe have being more often reported for laptops, and is mostly related to mainboard problems. That is why I think it is a problem with the mainboard.

However - try to use OCCT to perform a stress test, and see what happens to temperatures and voltages - and upload screen copy of the results. Just to see if it reveals some other obvious problems.
Aug 14, 2020
It doesn’t happen too frequent and if I was not doing anything important with my PC I guess I could live with it. Approximately once every ~5 hours of use time, but it’s not regularly, they might also happen in relatively quick succession. I’ll run the test and upload the results as soon as I have time.
Oh and one thing I didn’t mention so far, every once in a while the pc seems to freeze for like a millisecond and especially if you are listening to something you hear the sound buzzing for that short amount of time.
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Aug 14, 2020
I ran OCCT test for about 25 minutes, the voltages were stable, only the CPU package temp went a little higher to a peak of 95 degrees, but in Defence of the AMD stock cooler, my ambient temperature is 30 degrees and in my normal usage the CPU is probably not used a 100%.