[SOLVED] unsure about workstation motherboard


Jul 25, 2015
Hello everybody,
I was thinking about building a pc and I'm looking for used parts. I found a good deal on the xeon X5675 which suits my needs, however I'm having some trouble finding a compatible motherboard. There are some cheap mobos on ebay taken from old workstations which have of course the same socket, but the company which produced the workstation didn't sell the workstation with xeon x5675. For example, I found mobos from hp z400/z600 workstations which are lga 1366 but where not combined with the x5675 processor I mentioned earlier. So does anyone know if those two parts will work together? And generally do you know whether I can connect a different power supply for example to this motherboard? I mean generally what are the limitations of workstation motherboards? Thank you
There are 2 HP Z400 motherboards. An older version with 4 RAM slots. Avoid those. Get one with 6 RAM Slots it will take the later 6 core CPUs. HP borked the pinout on the PSU also. But other than that it's an ATX board. You need to get an adaptor or add a couple extra 12V wires yourself.
A simpler option is to just buy a complete workstation. Dell T3500, or HP Z400. The Dell is not ATX but they're plentiful and inexpensive.
You can shop around in here to find what you need. Remember these take 3 channel memory. So 6GB,12GB,18GB 24GB are normal config.