Question Unsure of Motherboard Model and CPU Upgrade


I have a Dell Precision Workstation/Server that I am looking to upgrade. It is a Full Tower, and came with a Dual Socket LGA 2011 Board, 8 RAM slots, 4 Channels, 2 Per CPU. It is currently running a single Xeon E5-2630 V2 and 4x4 GB Ram. DDR3, ECC, 1600MHz. I am looking to upgrade the system, and was looking to install a pair of Xeon E5-2667 V2 and an 8x8 GB DDR3 kit for RAM. However, I cannot confirm compatibility with the exact motherboard, as I cannot find the model. It does not have a model number printed in the usual places I would expect, however I am not very familiar with Workstation boards. I am not worried about the PSU, as I run a GTX 745 to have any GPU output, and it has an 850 W PSU. I use this PC to run game servers, and the higher core clock for the E5 2667 V2 is a benefit I was looking to get.

Does anyone know off the top of their head what model the board is, if it would be compatible, or how to find the model and search for compatibility? The closest I can find is the Dell Precision T7810, but some of the capacitors and certain items do not seem to line up exactly with my board. However, the CPU, RAM, and PCIe slots are the same, and the board general layout is the same, including CPU power plugs. I figure there might be a slight variety between versions, but they might be the same board underneath. I just dont want to spend $150 to find out I was wrong.