Question Unsure of what to do. Please help.


Feb 2, 2015
Specs at the bottom.

A few weeks ago I was playing a game and talking on discord with a few friends. I typed a message to someone else and as soon as I hit enter to send the message, like I just hit a kill switch, my computer turned off. No BSOD, stuttering, anything that might have given me a sign of what happened. Upon turning it on again, I got nothing other than fans spinning and the standard lights on the mobo. Looking at it, as soon as I turn on the computer, the cpu led on the mobo lights up for less than a second, solid white, then switches to the vga led, solid white, and stays there.

All that comes on is the fans. no boot, post, any peripherals, no signal from the video card or from the motherboard display ports.

I took it to a repair shop near me to get it checked out and ultimately he wasn't sure either by said it was either the mobo or cpu failed somewhere. With his tester he confirmed the psu worked fine and the mobo was getting power in the places that it should correctly.

Things I've tried
removing the battery after disconnecting power cable for different lengths of time
removing the battery and holding the power button for 30 seconds +
replacing the battery
starting the computer without a battery
reinserting every part/wired connection except for the cpu checking for solid connection
trying different configurations of ram
starting without the gpu while the monitor goes to the mobo display ports, checking all of them, hdmi/dvi/etc
starting with no peripherals other than the monitor
starting with no hard drives
starting with various combinations of each of these
And I'm sure a couple of other things but it's late and my memory is a bit shot atm.

Whatever help may be offered is highly appreciated as I'm at a dead end and outside of just shotgunning new parts in and hoping it works I'm not sure where to go from here.
With the recent astronomical hike of amd cpu prices/lack of availability and a little bad luck mixed in with not being able to buy one 3 days ago, I can't afford to throw one in and have it not work and not be able to return it

Amd ryzen 5 2600x
MSI b450 pro
Sapphire pulse rx580
Secondhand ram that I can't check currently but it was 2x8 ddr4 of some pretty ok stuff
Seasonic m12ii 620W bronze


Can you source a reliably built, higher wattage PSU from a friend or neighbor and then try breadboarding the system and see if you can power up? Second hand you say? What is the make and model to it? Try and take the GPU to a friends place and see if the GPU powers up there. At this point you will need a donor system to swap parts from yours to theirs and see if they power up.