Question Unusual setup, help deciding on GPU


Jan 26, 2013
Hi All

I am looking for some advice regarding which GPU to buy. My existing setup is not your standard gaming setup and due to this im struggling to decide which of my two options are better. Specifically, im looking for advice on which is the better option for overall cooling.

Basically i run 3 GPU's. Two are identical, one is different. The two identical is for using SLI when gaming, and also to power 3d renders/animation. While working with 3d, i use the third GPU to power the displays so the two others are dedicated to powering the renders. 2x GTX Titan X for SLI and 3d renders, and an old GTX 770 for the displays when not gaming.

Due to the PCI slot layout of my mobo and the size of the GPUs, the 770 sits in between the titans. Obviously with very little space in between them, which has always created some cooling challenges when the system is under load (only water cooling i have is on my CPU)

At the moment all 3 GPUs have big triple-fan open air cooling systems on them (which i realise is not ideal when they have little space in between for heat dissipation), however the GTX 770 is now on its way out, so i am looking at replacements and wanting the best solution for cooling under the circumstances (being the 'piggy in the middle' so to speak)

I have decided that the replacement will be an RTX 2060, but what i cant decide is what style cooler to go with. Originally i thought a blower style cooler like the ASUS turbo cards would be the best bet, so its heat is being blown out the back of the case instead of throwing it at the other two GPUs. But then i noticed that Gigabyte and MSI are making smaller mini ITX versions of the 2060 (

This is obviously another open air design, however given that it is far smaller in length and also about 4mm smaller in width/height, in theory that will give the titans above and below a bit more space to breath and air to flow.

So i'd love some advice as to which would be the better option for overall cooling, the bigger blower style 2060, or the smaller ITX open air 2060. The case this will all be inside is a Thermaltake core X9. Currently in a different one, but when i make this decision i will be rebuilding inside the new case.

Hope this all makes sense.

Any advice is much appreciated!