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Nov 18, 2016
So recently, I don't know how, my windows account has created a 2nd account, which can , by no conventional means, be removed. My pc no longer goes from power on to active window, it stops by account password saying "password is incorrect", I then have to click on my actual windows account and enter my pin. I went into "family and other users" to remove it but there's nothing there, empty slot. I've run all the virus scan I have and the windows repair and cleanup programs I also have. Did a system restore, which broke windows and gave me BSOD, had to do and "undo restore" to get windows back, which then removed ALL my previous restore points. my only option left, that I can think of, is a windows refresh. but from what I understand, it basically formats all drives and installs a fresh windows on pc. if anyone has another option, I'm all ears as a refresh is my last resort but I'm getting to the point where I welcome it. Thanks in Advance.


At this point, a full, fresh Windows install (not a restore or anything like that, downloading Win 10 install media, formatting the drive, and doing it fresh from boot) is the best solution, especially given you don't know how it's there in the first place.

If you're worried about losing data because of a full install, then you have a much more serious problem than an annoying extra click to start Windows. Backing up important data is a crucial part of basic PC ownership. If you're not prepared for the sudden loss of your OS drive at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, then there's a real problem that you need to take care of before worrying about what appears to be a minor annoyance.


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windows update been known to create new users. Its not unusual just not common.

system restore breaking windows and causing BSOD takes me back to ME days when it did that all the time. Its never been the most reliable way to roll back, you use backups for that.

try this
I think I found the solution.

Run netplwiz, go to your real administrative account that you want to keep. Click on properties. Then you will see that account has two names. One user name, and other is full name. User name will be your ghost account name. Copy your full name paste it to first line (user name). Apply. Try to shut down computer. Only way to shut it down will be by ctrl+alt+del. Turn it on again, ghost account will be disappeared.

That worked for me.
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