Question Unwanted audio switching (speakers/headphones)

Dec 8, 2021
Hi guys, I have a big problem and I'm absolutely desperate due to it. I apologize for my English (if something will be unclear) ...

A few months I'm watching troubles with audio (I think it is audio, but not sure). I use speakers and in some cases headphones too. Speakers are main source of audio (TV, videos, music). My speakers are plugged in to back panel (Line-Out) all the time. If I want to play games or call with friends, I plug in headphones to front panel (Zalman Z1 Neo). I have 2 jacks (pink and green).

The main problem is „unwanted, spontaneous switching between audio sources.“ I play game, sound is going through headphones, everything is OK. But then will come moment, when I hear little sound bug and sound switched to speakers. If I want to hear sound back in headphones, I have to go to game settings and switch audio source. In many cases audio settings show that are selected headphones. In that case I have to select speakers (facepalm). A few seconds/minutes later sound bug repeating and I can select headphones. He switches it as he pleases. Sometimes the error does not appear for 2-3 days, sometimes every 15-20 seconds, sometimes immediately after plugged in headphones to front panel. I would add that when it switches the headphones to speakers, Windows notifies me with a notification that I have connected/disconnected the headphones from the PC (maybe loss of contact). I didn't even move from my sitting place. No chance that I would accidentally plugged out jack from panel. I will be grateful for any idea.

I don't want to different audio softwares (audioswitch etc.), that could resolve it. I would like to repair this problem without other softwares.

I enclose some information that could help you.

AIDA64 software shows 2 sound cards:
  • nVIDIA GP106 HDMI/DP @ nVIDIA GP106 - High Definition Audio Controller
  • Realtek ALC1150 @ Intel Sunrise Point PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [D1]
As the sound sources on the bottom bar shows me:
  • Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
  • Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) ...(I don't know what is it)
  • Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) ... (headphones)
  • reinstall Windows
  • used 3 different headphones (all 3,5mm jacks)
  • reinstall audio drivers (nvidia, realtek)
  • sound control panel - audio source – properties – advanced – exclusive mode (unchecked both)
  • uninstall nvidia audio driver (using only Realtek)
Nothing helped...

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
MB: MSI B150A Gaming Pro (MS-7978)
Audio Driver: Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (Ver. (official MSI)

Thanks so much for any help!