Upcoming Chrome Releases Will Prevent Abusive Page Redirects

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[quotemsg=20359704,0,116659]Why is there a keyboard demo in the middle of a browser news article?[/quotemsg]

Because you don't use an adblocker like:

1. Custom hosts file from "http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm"

2. Adblock Plus

3. Noscript

4. Adguard DNS

Tom's is an ad-less site for me.



Nov 10, 2017
Do they intend to include this feature in Chrome for Android? Several sleazy mobile carriers (T-mobile, Cricket) use these redirects as revenue producers.
[quotemsg=20361958,0,1636679]@derekullo some of us want to whitelist Tom's as a way to support a site we like to visit. But they just keep making it harder to want to do so with their increasingly annoying ads...[/quotemsg]

If I wanted to show support I would donate dollars/bitcoin/ethereum.

Unfortunately, Tom's doesn't have a premium membership account that blocks ads.

So they resort to bombarding everyone who uses the site with ads about keyboards.

Blasting us with ads that follow us across the page as we scroll on top of the ads that border the top and sides of the page just makes me want to update my hosts file and or add a custom entry.



Dec 28, 2009
Malwarebytes blocked '(2017) Top Free Antivirus, You Wont believe #1'

Something must be fishy when a well known & respected Malwarebytes, now also an AV in it's own right, totally blocks the page from opening. MBAM has blocked many Malware loaded pages from opening, and am surprised that Tom's would host anything that would hint at being Malware, or to loaded site of it.

Still would have liked to known #1 on the list, for me am using Kaspersky Free, a fresh breath of air from the rest that has loads of popups on a near constant basis to upgrade. Protection is great also, there idle scans & also rootkit ones that takes place while running the computer.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that they're #1, the only thing is that the Kaspersky Secure Connection comes bundled. Which is no issue for those just reading news & checking email, yet for those of us who likes YouTube videos & such, or even a huge Windows Update can take away all of the 200MB allowed per day.

Fortunately, Kaspersky Secure Connection is installed as a separate app & can be removed, a mandatory reboot being required, the rest of the software still runs as intended.

On 1st PC I installed Kaspersky Free on, found over a dozen nasties that the Pro versions of ESET NOD32 & Emsisoft Internet Security totally missed, plus three rootkits in the registry. After uploading the file to VirusTotal, Kaspersky was on the money.

Only thing being, while ESET & Emsisoft both reported these as infections, neither removed any. So for now, am sold on Kaspersky Free, of which Windows Defender cannot hold a candle to, an insult to the former to be mentioned in the same sentence as the latter.

So who was #1, since I couldn't get it on this PC with MBAM doing all of the protecting?



Nov 30, 2015
[quotemsg=20361958,0,1636679]@derekullo some of us want to whitelist Tom's as a way to support a site we like to visit. But they just keep making it harder to want to do so with their increasingly annoying ads...[/quotemsg]

I have no doubt that you have the best intentions but sometimes too much is just too much !

Please disable your browser's ad blockers and pay a visit to tomshardware.fr for example. Not only there is a lot of advertising but a good part of the news are also advertising (see the ones starting with '[Promo]'). Two-three weeks ago during the school children holidays there was a promoted one for every 2-3 'normal' news. I and someone else posted a comment about these promoted news on the 'Black Friday' article and our comments were removed...
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