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Question upcoming GPUs in 2020


Mar 6, 2017
hello, since there are big news yet to come i haven't come to conclusion whether should i buy GPU on used market or wait the upcoming GPUs in 2020, of which i know nothing about.
I would appreciate to get 1080 ti performance under 300$. you might think thats too much to expect but i dont think so, considering all the competition, also AMD announced there would be 50% performance uplift per watt compared to the previous generation of rx 5000 series.
On NVIDIA side im dissapointed because there was no price/performance progress since 2016 (excluding gtx 1650 super offering 50% more performance than 1050 ti for around same price). otherwise we have no improvement like we got rtx 2070 super that performs like 1080 ti but it costs the same price.
So it would be a real disaster if we got another 1080 ti which will be called rtx 3060 and gets 500$ price, meaning there hasn't been anything new since 2016-2022.
I would be interested to read some posts (NOT RUMORS) indicating what should we expect